What is the difference between Power and Soft Wash?

Any professional should have equipment that will not damage your property and should use the minimal amount of pressure to remove the dirt from the surface being cleaned.  Two independent systems must be used ranging from approx 5 gpm at 80psi to 8 gpm at 4500 psi.  Soft wash systems utilize chemicals to break the bond between the dirt and the surface in a low pressure application such as roofing, siding, and decks. Power washing uses high pressure up to 4500 psi to break the dirt bond and is necessary in certain applications such as concrete or brick.

How long will it take to power wash my property?

A typical driveway should take approximately 4-5 hours complete.  A single story house should take about 3 hours to soft wash and a two-level home should take 4 to 5 hours.  The level of stain and dirt will determine the actual time required.


Do you only use pressure to remove the dirt from my property?

No. Any company that claims to only use pressure to clean your property will not only do a poor job but may also damage your property.  Proactive utilizes two systems, a 100psi application and a 1000 - 4000 psi machine, and will only use the appropriate amount of pressure to clean the area and prevent damage.  The use of detergents and chemicals is critical to break the dirt bond and allow the pressure to clean the surface. (See Chemical FAQ)


How many workers will be on the job?

Usually one to three. Power washing a residential size drive way can safely be accomplished by one person.  Usually, a two-man crew will be used to wash a roof or house especially when ladder work is required.


Where will the water come from to power wash my drive?

The water from the residence will be used to complete any power washing.


How much water will it take to power wash my property?

A typical driveway or house will take less than 500 gallons of water.  Greenville County currently charges $2.09 per 1000 gallons of water.  This means the typical driveway will cost approximately $1 in water.

Does the homeowner need to provide any tools or equipment?

All equipment will be supplied by Proactive Power Wash.  The homeowner will just need to allow access to a water source on the property and be sure to remove any items that may impede access to the area being cleaned.


What should I do to prepare for my property to be power washed?

The homeowner should clear the area to be power washed of automobiles, toys, or any accumulation of loose debris such as piles of leaves or mulch.  Remove any porches or decks of furniture or decorations prior to cleaning.




How much does it cost to power wash my property?

Each property may slightly vary based on surface area and concentration of dirt, but Proactive Power Wash can give you a general estimate based on your house, deck, or driveway size.  Call or fill out the online form for a quote.


Why does it cost more to clean a house with gutters?

Even though we are already onsite washing your house, the chemicals required to clean your gutters are different from the ones used to wash your house.  The small additional expense for gutters has to do with the additional chemicals and the time it takes to treat and brush clean those areas separately.




What type of equipment is used to power wash my driveway?

A gas powered pressure washer producing 4000 psi in conjunction with appropriate soaps, detergents, and chemicals for the specific dirt. Additionally, a combination of surface cleaners, nozzles, and tips will be used to properly clean the different surfaces. Note, any company attempting to clean your property with pressure alone may not only do a poor job but may damage property.

Will my driveway be solid white color when power washing is complete?

No. Concrete is not always a solid white color when first poured.  As the years of dirt and grime are removed from the concrete, power washing will expose the true color of the concrete and restore the surface back to its original color.


Will power washing remove all stains from my driveway?

Stains from typical accumulation of dirt, algae, or tree stains will be completely removed. Chemicals will be used to treat oil, dirt, or rust stains, but stains from prolonged automobile leaks or rust from irrigation systems may have penetrated too deep to be removed.




Why do you call house cleaning a soft wash?

Proper house cleaning is accomplished by using the correct detergents and chemicals to break the dirt bond to the siding material.  These chemicals are applied by using only enough pressure and flow to reach the surface, and then rinsed with a higher pressure to remove the dirt.  Although higher pressure may be used in some areas, the process uses only enough pressure to allow the water to rinse the surface after the chemicals have removed the dirt.


What is the difference between your service and what I can buy at Home Depot or Lowes?

The difference is both the equipment and the chemicals. First, the equipment.  Although we refer to the process as a soft wash, the pressure required is greater than can be produced from a garden hose attachment.  Additionally, the gallons per minute required to deliver chemicals cannot be attained with a hose attachment or with a consumer grade pressure washer ($499) from Home Depot or Costco.  Second, the chemicals.  The chemicals used simply cannot be purchased by a consumer at Lowes. They are extremely concentrated and must be diluted at the proper rates for the surface being cleaned.  Proactive Power Wash uses six different chemicals purchased in bulk and mixes multiple chemicals specific for the job. 


My vinyl siding has a “dull” look.  Can this be cleaned?

Yes, but this is not a typical house washing and will cost considerably more to complete.  The dull look is usually the oxidation of the material not from the accumulation of dirt on the surface.  The process to first clean, and then treat the oxidation requires multiple chemicals and is much more time consuming than a typical house wash. Oxidation cannot be removed with pressure alone.




Will the pressure damage my pool deck?

The use of proper chemicals combined with pressure will not damage your pool deck if done properly.  For example, if your deck is concrete like a residential sidewalk, a higher pressure along with chemicals can be used safely. If your deck is another material such as “cool deck”, a reduced pressure in conjunction with the appropriate chemical must be used to prevent damage to the surface. Note: any company that plans to use only high-pressure on your pool deck may cause damage.


Will the chemicals damage my pool water?

No.  The chemicals used on the surface should be variations of the chemicals used to treat your water but in higher concentrations.  Professionals should understand how to clean your deck allowing minimal chemicals to enter your pool. Note: any company that plans to use a generic concrete cleaner from a retail store may not keep your pool water safe.




Will any chemicals be used in the power washing process?

Yes.  Depending on the surface and the type of dirt a variety of detergents and chemicals are used.  These chemicals are not consumer grade chemicals that can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Many of our chemicals are purchased in 53 gallon quantities directly from the manufacturer and mixed according to the work being performed.   


Is the pressure washing process safe for my plants?

Yes. The plants will be pre-soaked in the area to be cleaned, chemicals will not be directly applied to the plants, and all areas will be washed with fresh water to complete the job.  A final plant rinse is used to neutralize any residual chemicals on the plant material.


Is the pressure washing process safe for my animals?

Yes. Animals will not be directly sprayed with any of the chemicals and all areas will be washed clean prior to completing the work. 


What chemicals are use to wash my house?

Chemicals are used specific to the molecular bond between the dirt and surface type.  For example, the bond between dirt on metal gutters requires a different chemical energy to break compared to the bond on vinyl siding.  Proactive uses six different chemicals in different combinations and various dilution rates depending on the dirt and surface to be cleaned.  These chemicals are not consumer grade chemicals that can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Chemicals are purchased in barrel and drum quantities directly from a chemical supplier and mixed according to the work being performed.  


How do you apply chemicals?

Chemicals are typically premixed at our facility and are available on the trailer in a large tanks or barrels.  Generally, these chemicals are applied through our two pump system at various dilution rates according to the surface and dirt.  Occasionally, higher concentrations will be hand-sprayed directly on problem areas to pre-treat prior to power washing.




Will the power washing “fur” or damage the wood?

Not if done properly.  Washing a wood deck is not a “pressure only” job and requires specific chemicals to restore the wood.  Minimal pressure should be used to remove dirt and algae from the surface, but the proper chemicals are critical to completing a professional job.  Note: any company that plans to use only pressure to restore your wood surface will probably cause damage.


Can you clean a composite deck material?

Yes. Proper cleaning is dependent on the appropriate chemicals and the minimum pressure required to remove the dirt from the surface.  Note: any company that plans to use only pressure to clean your composite surface will probably cause damage.


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