Commercial Equipment

Powerwasher & Soft Wash

Commercial grade pressure washer and soft wash pump. ​Self contained trailer with water tank and chemicals. 

Surface Cleaner

Commercial grade surface cleaners prevent stripping or uneven cleaning on large surfaces.

Is there really a difference in equipment?
Hoses, Wands & Tips

Utilizing professional grade non-mark hoses as well as various wands and tips to meet your specific needs.


There are actually four levels or grades of equipment that can be purchased: consumer, pro-sumer, profesional, and commercial. Although there are many differences that make a machine professinal grade over cosumer, the main way a piece of equipment is rated is by pressure (psi) and flow in gallons per minute (gpm).  A pressure washer that can be purchased at a Home Depot, Lowe's, or Costco is typically a consumer grade machine with 3000psi or less and a flow rate no greater than 2.5gpm.  Professional grade equipment, such as that purchased at Norhtern Tool, will have a minimum 3500psi and vary between 4 to 8gpm. The main difference between professional grade and commercial grade equipment is the internal engine and pump parts. A commercial piece of equipment is typically purchased from a manufacturer to specifications and is designed to operate 8 to 10 hours a day continuously.


The right piece of equipment for the job is also critical.  For example, a pool deck may require using 1500 to 1800 psi to protect from damage whereas a large concrete surface cleaner may require 8gpm to operate effectively. Pro-sumer grade equipment can be used to perform limited commercial job applications as long as the operater understands the limits to the equipment.  

Proactive Power Wash uses commercial grade power washing equipment and connects to an onsite water source to professionally and safely clean your property.