​Decks & Wood

Bring back the color of your wood! 

New building materials for decks and patios are advertised to be "maintenance free", but unfortunatley that's not always true.  Decks and patios can easily accumulate dirt, debris and grime and leaving it on the surface is not only unsightly but could also lead to damage.  As you've discovered, a garden hose and bottle of cleaner is not enough to restore your surface to the original glory.  Proactively take a porofessional approach to your property.

Safely Restore the Look of Your Wood Deck of Fence

DO NOT let an contactor try and retore your wood surface using pressure onlone.  DO NOT let a contractor apply bleach to dry wood and claim to be restoring the surface.  This WILL NOT restore the wood and may also lead to long-term damage well after the contractor has been paid and gone.


Our four-step process involves a low pressure application using the correct detergents and chemicals to remove the mold and mildew, cleaning the surface with the appropriate amount of agitiation, using a oxyginated wood brighter, and thoroughly rinsing to restore the wood to it's natural condition.

A professional deck and wood cleaning will remove all the grime and leave the wood ready to be sealed.